Who Can Shoot the Farthest

My friends always get me to enter the strangest contests. Believe it or not, there is an official contest to see who can ejaculate the farthest. The winner is then placed in the record books. My friends said that I should enter the contest. I thought they were joking, but thy were quite serious about it. They then said that if I entered, they would each give me $1,000, no matter if I won or lost. I enter the contest, but I had no idea how to beat the current record. One of my friends suggested using Semenax to get a bigger shot.

The rules of the contest stated that I could use any kind of dietary supplement to win the contest. The only things that were banned were physical items and any kind of injections. I took the supplement and every couple of days, I measured the distance of my shot. Each day I became able to shoot a little farther, until one day I was able to match the record. This is where I hit a plateau. I could get to the same length, but surpassing it seemed impossible. At the time, I felt that was the limit of the human potential.

One of my friends suggested that I try waiting more than 2 days to build up enough of a shot. I tried waiting an entire week and then tested my shot again. This time, I was able to break the record. I didn’t record it on film or anything, so I couldn’t show it to any officials, but at least I knew I could do it, and it would help me win. On the day of the contest, i reproduced the same results as my record breaking shot, and the officials were there to see it. I won the contest, and a prize of $10,000.