Spreading the Gift of Energy Savings

I couldn’t be more happier than I am now that I switched over to TXU Energy a few months ago. I was having a hard time paying my energy bill because the rates were too high, but once I went to TXU, things became much easier. In fact, I was actually saving money on my bills. In the months since the switch, I acquired quite a bit of money that would have otherwise gone to paying off my energy bills. The best idea I could think of to use that money was to provide my family with great presents.

Everyone had something that was on their mind as a great gift. My mother had been eyeing a ring at the mall every time she passes by a specific store. My father spent a lot of time in the outdoor and camping supply store, and had been playing around with the fishing rods that they have on display. My sister had been playing with all of the guitars that are out at the open in the department stores, and my brother had been playing the demo unit of a gaming console at the video game store. Figuring out what presents to get them was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Since some of the presents had specific shapes that made it easy to guess exactly what they were without opening them, I used some odd shaped boxes to store them in. For the fishing rod and the guitar, I had to use really big boxes. One by one they opened their gifts and they were amazed that I knew exactly what kind of gift they wanted. My sister strapped on the guitar and started playing a happy tune as a celebration for the gifts. We then went to the lake to test out my father’s new rod and catch some dinner.