5 Simple Herb Garden Designs to Get You Started

When you begin to think about growing your own herbs it can be confusing as there are so many different ones that you could begin with. There are also many garden designs that you could choose from. So, with that in mind, here are 5 simple herb garden designs to get you started.


1. Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden is a very popular choice for most end users. If you intend to use your fresh herbs to flavour your cooking, it makes sense to plant your kitchen garden close to the kitchen door. Then you can just go outside and pick your fresh herbs instead of having to trek to the other side of a large garden. Useful kitchen herbs are parsley, oregano, chives, thyme and sage. But, again, the choice of herbs that you plant will depend on the herbs that you will use the most in your cooking.

2. A Medicinal Garden

If you are interested in herbal remedies and herbal teas then a medicinal garden would be an ideal herb garden design for you. If space is limited choose the plants very carefully. Make sure that you only plant the herbs that you will use. Mint teas are very popular as a digestive aid but, if you plant mint, make sure that the roots are contained in a pot of its own before planting the entire pot as the roots will soon take over the whole area.

3. Themed Garden

You could plant your herbs using a theme such as color, aromatics or even height. Lavender would make a lovely display fro an aromatic themed herb garden and there are hundreds of varieties each giving off a lovely aroma.

4. A Formal Garden

If you have enough space you could plant a formal herb garden that could be a talking point for years to come. To begin, sketch your design on paper, then, when you are happy with your design, mark it out in the actual garden before planting to make sure that you have exactly the look that you want. Use privet or box as a hedging around the herb garden, this will need to be kept short by trimming regularly which will also encourage the individual hedging plants to grow thicker.

5. A Regimented Theme

If you plant your herbs in regimented rows, perhaps along the edge of a path or around the edge of a flower garden, they look decorative as well as being useful. Some of the aromatic herbs will give off a beautiful aroma when they are brushed against as you walk along the paths. Planting along the edge of a path is also a very useful way to plant herbs if the available space is limited.

The only limit to your herb garden design is your imagination. Just give some thought as to the ultimate use of the herbs that you plan to grow and you can design an herb garden to suit your individual needs. I hope that the 5 simple herb garden designs to get you started that I have listed above will help give you some ideas for your herb garden design.

Gardening Supplies

Gardening Supplies include many different items. Some of these items include Lawn Mowers. Lawn Mowers come in many different designs and styles.

Lawn Mowers are a huge part of Gardening Supplies. It also includes items like gardening books, chain saws, live animal traps and ratchet pruners too. Besides mulching lawn mowers, leaf vacuums and leaf blowers and other lawn care equipment, these can help in the upkeep of the garden.

Gardening Supplies also includes items like compost and fertilizer. Fertilizer stimulates growth in plants. Compost keeps the soil fertile and manageable.


Water Garden Supplies

Water Garden Supplies includes items like pumps and tubing. Small water garden pumps are needed for the flow of water. This keeps the water fresh and clean.

Water Garden Supplies include pond liners. A small, cheap preformed plastic pond liner will keep everything together. For ponds too large for preformed liners, you have no choice but to purchase a flexible liner, instead, and form your own walls.

Water Garden Supplies includes sand. The sand will supply adjustable flooring for your preformed water pond liner. This will come in handy when you attempt to get your pond liner to sit level in its hole.

Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor Garden Fountains can add a touch of style and elegance to any yard or garden. They add immense value to your house. Neighbors and Guests will also be instinctively drawn to a fountain.

Outdoor Garden Fountains are beautiful additions to any garden. Water features are wonderful additions to the garden. They give a feeling of lushness and create a habitat for all kinds of creatures that will patrol your garden for pests.

Outdoor Garden Fountains can transform a garden into something amazing. Ornate water features are sufficiently eye-popping to serve as focal points. In landscape design, focal points can make or break a project, so you’re spending your money wisely.

Garden Tool Set

Garden Tool Sets include many items and make a great gift. They usually have a garden fork, a garden trowel, a Garden Cultivator and a Garden Cutting tool. There may be more or less tools depending on what kind of set you buy.

Garden Tool Sets can save you money, by buying all at once. A garden trowel is ideal for weeding, digging, and transplanting. This is an essential tool for any gardener.

Garden Tool Sets make great gifts. Many types of people garden, so it can be considered a safe gift. In essence whoever gets it will appreciate it.

Garden Power Tools

Garden Power tools include items like Chain-Saws and tillers. They can do a lot of the heavy duty work regular tools can’t. Always use caution when using any Power tools.

Chain Saws are a great member of the Garden Power Tools lineup. They can cut through most anything. They also let the machine do most of the work for you.

Garden Power Tools also rely on tillers to break up ground. Tiller’s can make a day’s work turn into just mere hours. Again always practice safety around power tools, because they can be dangerous if used improperly.

Solar Garden Fountain

Solar Garden Fountains are really good for the environment, and are really cool to have at your house. They save money because it is not using electricity. They also do not have a ton of wires running around everywhere.

Solar Garden Fountains and garden statues save you money because they do not use electricity. They are powered for free by the sun. Make sure you have good solar panels.

Solar Fountains also have the benefit of not having wires sticking out everywhere. This helps make your pond look the best. So don’t delay get a Solar Garden Fountain today.

Garden Pond Supply

Garden Pond Supplies include many items to keep your pond running smoothly. If you stick with a small water feature for this project, you shouldn’t have to sweat the choice of pumps that much. Water pump manufacturers recommend that the water in a small pond be turned between 1/2 time per hour and 1 time per hour.

Garden Pond Supplies will keep your pond in tip top shape. Sand will supply “adjustable flooring” for your preformed water pond liner. This will come in handy when you attempt to get your pond liner to sit level in its hole.

Garden Pond Supplies can make caring for a pond a lot simpler. Optional backyard pond supplies include rocks, plants and additional statuary. The rocks would be an ornamental feature, to be placed in and around the artificial pond.

Garden Supplies Online

Garden Supplies Online can be a great way to find the best prices for Garden Supplies. Most planting will require you get down on your knees with a trowel. Steel blades will last longest.

Garden Supplies Online can really find you some great deals. Garden forks are slightly shorter and thicker than pitch forks. The strongest have square, rather than flat tines.

Garden Supplies Online gives you the luxury of buying items from the comfort of your house. This also gives you the opportunity to compare prices against one another. By doing this you ensure you are always getting the best deal.


Garden Tools, Fountains, and Supplies


Most people, who have a house, love to garden often. Whether it is the general upkeep of pulling weeds to more large scale designs, we are here to help you in whatever way possible.

The one thing most people can agree on is the nuisance that pests and bugs are. They eat your plants and or crops and they are an eyesore. Try to stay on top of the problem by looking for warning signs and acting accordingly.

If you have your heart set on growing a specific plant, check to see what growing conditions it requires. Vegetables will need at least 6 hours of sun exposure a day. The same goes for most flowering plants, however there are still many to choose from for a partially shaded site. If you want to start a garden where there is mostly shade, your choices are going to be more limited, but not prohibitive.

Garden design is the art and process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens and landscapes. Design may be done by the garden owner themselves, or by professionals of varying levels of experience and expertise. It takes a lot more planning than putting a few garden statues in your yard. Most professional garden designers are trained in principles of design and in horticulture, and have an expert knowledge and experience of using plants.

Some professional garden designers are also landscape architects, a more formal level of training that usually requires an advanced degree and often a state license. Many amateur gardeners also attain a high level of experience from extensive hours working in their own gardens, through casual study, serious study in Master Gardener Programs, or by joining gardening clubs.

Take into consideration when the sun hits your site. Afternoon sun will be hotter and more drying than morning sun. Many plants turn their faces toward the sun, so if your view of the garden is from a west window, your flowers may face away from you in the afternoon. Evaluate other elements of exposure such as high, drying winds or heavy foot traffic. A greenhouse can help with this issue. Also, any outdoor birdhouses should be in the shade.

Once you know where you’d like to try your first garden, use a hose or extension cord to try laying it out on the ground. Garden owners have shown an increasing interest in garden design during the late twentieth century, both as enthusiasts of gardening as a hobby, as well as an expansion in the use of professional garden designers.

Garden Tools

Garden Tools are great for keeping your garden in the best shape possible. You will want a heavy metal rake. These are long and straight with teeth about 3″ long. They are necessary to smooth out newly tilled garden soil and break up clumps.

Yard rakes are a valuable member of Garden Tools and will help you get leaves out of your gardens. A narrow rake can maneuver around plants easier, but a wide rake makes quicker work of leaves.

Without Garden Tools, gardening really can become a chore. Plants, soil and compost all have to get to your garden somehow. That’s why you will need a wheelbarrow.

Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies consist of many different items. Garden shovels have round, pointed blades. They’re absolutely necessary for moving soil, digging holes and planting.

Garden Supplies are needed for transforming your garden. Pruning, deadheading and shaping plants goes on all year in the garden. Good pruners will not only make your job easier, it will make a cleaner cut on the plants and not tear or rip.

Garden Supplies can make great gifts too for all genders and ages. Hoes can make quick work of weeds. They can also be used to break up soil that isn’t too compacted.

Garden Fountains

Garden Fountains are beautiful additions to any garden. Water features are wonderful additions to the garden. They give a feeling of lushness and create a habitat for all kinds of creatures that will patrol your garden for pests.

Garden Fountains can transform a garden into something amazing. Ornate water features are sufficiently eye-popping to serve as focal points. In landscape design, focal points can make or break a project, so you’re spending your money wisely.

Garden Fountains need to be taken care of often. They can add value to your house. People will also be instinctively drawn to a fountain.


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Yaya Diallo’s Traditional & Upbeat Kanza
West African Healing Music

“A Sound Approach to Healing the Spirit”

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Yaya_Soda_Web350x35026kbWelcome to Onzou Records! Independent label since 1980 created in appreciation of West African music, dance, culture and knowledge as shared by Yaya Diallo – Malian musician, author, teacher and founder of Farafina Donia – A Survival School for Traditional African Culture in Mali.

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Sony Music Entertainment licensed Yaya Diallo’s title track “Nangape” from his album Nangape. Originally released on vinyl in 1980 and reissued on CD in 2002 this track features African hand drumming, balafon and flute music.

FARAFINA DONIA A Survival School for Traditional African Culture in Mali – See section “Farafina Donia Cultural Centers”

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Honored with the “Entertainer of the Year” Award by African People’s International Awards in Washington DC, July 4, 2005

YAYA DIALLO, Malian musician, author, teacher and “Healing Drum Tour” guide to Mali has turned his attention to cultural and social issues of his native country and the African continent. With the creation of “Farafina Donia” a survival school for traditional African culture in Bamako, Mali Yaya Diallo directs his attention to the transmission of traditional values and knowledge. The center emphasizes education with insights to local customs for both the African and the international community as means of alleviating the spread of the HIV virus.

As an initiate in secret traditional tribal customs in his native village Fienso in Mali and a graduate of the University of Montreal Yaya Diallo posesses a unique background to bridge diverse cultures.


Onzou Records Photosite: Artist YAYA DIALLO

Yaya Diallo: Master drummer, musician, author, composer, African music & dance teacher, lecturer, storyteller, Healing Drum Tour guide to Mali, West Africa and founder of “Farafina Donia” – A Survival School for Traditional African Culture.


The Healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings – Destiny Books, 1989 ISBN 0-89281-256-7

At the Threshold of the African Soul. The Fulani-Minianka Way. – Intercultural Institute of Montreal Publications, Email: info@iim.qc.ca 1985, 2nd Ed. 2001

Yaya Diallo is available musically either solo, accompanied, or with his band Kanza. Additionally, Yaya Diallo may serve as a consultant and/or lecturer on African issues.

Read the Feature Article: From Africa to the World, Yaya Diallo Unleashes His Music

Listen to Yaya Diallo’s albums Nangape, Live at Club Soda and Dounoukan on New Music Canada.

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