Outsourcing Corporate Secretary Services in Singapore

I am the vice president of operations of a corporation in Singapore, and we are currently looking to hire a new secretary for our corporate office. Our last secretary retired unexpectedly, and that has left a large hole in the operations of the corporate office. We are interested in hiring corporate secretarial services from a third party, and just outsourcing the position, as opposed to actually hiring someone for the job. We have a number of reasons for wanting to go this route, and from what has been assessed so far, it is probably going to be the best option for us.

Our last secretary has been with the company since it started, she was literally hired on day one, and so she had a wealth of knowledge about how to do her job, which cannot be replaced. There is not anyone in the company who really knows how to train someone to replace her, and therefore, I do not see any option, at least in the short term, but to outsource a secretary. We need to have someone come in who has a lot of experience, and will be able to learn about our company quickly, and adapt to the specific needs that we have for our secretary.

The operations here at the office have already begun to suffer since our previous secretary left, and so we have an immediate need to get a new secretary into the office, and hopefully clear up some of this confusion and headaches that have attended the departure of our last secretary. It would have been nice if our previous secretary had trained a replacement before retiring, but it is my understanding that she retired suddenly on account of some health issues, and so I can understand why she did not train a replacement.