Our Boss Likes to Give Us Gifts

I am the executive assistant to the CEO of our company. It is an amazing job mainly because it is a great company to work for. The CEO treats everyone here the same. The janitor gets the same level of respect that the vice president of operations gets, which is very rare nowadays. Because of this, turnaround is very low, and we are all thankful that we are part of something so wonderful. One of my jobs is to determine which Singapore corporate gifts to buy for everyone for our annual party at the end of the year.

My boss never wants me to just pick out something because it looks nice or is cheap. Part of my duty in this is to talk to people nonchalantly and find out what they like. My boss wants these gifts to be meaningful ones that will get used rather than something that gets given away to charity or tossed in the back of a drawer. Even if we have to order four or five different corporate gifts, he is okay with that, as long as everyone has something they truly like. This is in addition to a very nice bonus that we all get too!

This year, it seems that most everyone was on the same page. People wanted to have bags to carry their laptops in as well as overnight bags that are strong and sturdy. I went to the company website where we always purchase our gifts, and I was able to find several laptop bags and overnight bags that are high quality and really nice. When I showed my boss, he told me to go ahead and order one of each for everyone, and he also told me to order tee shirts and hats for everyone too. He is just that generous, which is another reason he has our loyalty.