No Longer Embarrassed to Smile

I have always brushed my teeth, but that didn’t mean I took good care of my teeth. I would try to brush my teeth at least twice a day, but sometimes that meant that I was just swishing the toothbrush around my mouth for 20 seconds or so. I did not floss nor did I use mouthwash or rinse. I did the bare minimum, so it was no surprise that I was on my computer not that long ago doing a search for cosmetic dentistry Long Beach CA.

I realized after looking at a bunch of pictures on a friend’s social media site that I had a really horrible smile compared to all my friends. I guess I had always noticed it but kind of ignored it, but it was hard to do that when we were all together smiling, and my smile was nowhere near as nice as what their smiles were. I made a decision that day to make changes. I went online to find a good dentist. I knew that I was going to need some major work done. Thankfully, I had never had to have any teeth pulled, but I did have quite a few fillings.

When I came across the website for Dr. Campbell, I was really happy with the pictures that I saw. I was embarrassed to make the appointment, because I felt like there was this huge spotlight on my teeth. The nice thing about this dentist is that no one in his office judged me for my lack of dental care, and they actually taught me everything that I had not been doing for my entire life. The dentist was able to fix my teeth and then whiten them so I have a really nice smile too, and now I am no longer embarrassed to smile with my friends.