My Boyfriend Was an Alcoholic

I had been telling my boyfriend for months that he had a problem with alcohol. I was not telling him in an accusing way but rather in a very caring and compassionate way. He felt that I was overreacting to him having drinks with his friends as well as when he got home from work. It was not until he got a DUI a couple of months ago that he realized that he was the one who was not being realistic. I had already been looking at alcohol rehab in Florida because I love this man and wanted him to get better.

I did not want him to have to rely on alcohol to get through his days. I knew that he had a lot on his plate between work and family issues, and that having a few beers helped him to relax. When he needed to drink though rather than just wanting to, that is when I knew there was a problem. Our first fight was because I had not picked up a case of beer, but it was not our last fight about alcohol. Still, I love him, and I was willing to fight for our love.

When I showed him the rehab center, he was actually quite receptive to it. He told me he loved me too, and he did not want to lose the best thing that had ever happened to him. We knew that he needed professional help to get through this addiction to alcohol, as it was not something I was trained to help him conquer. The rehab center where he went for 30 days was just the right place though, and he learned so much about himself there. Knowing the root of the addiction is often all that is needed for an addict to be on his way to recovery, as was the case for my boyfriend.