My Boss Wanted an HVAC Contract

When the air conditioning unit in our main building started slowing down, I asked one of the managers who handled the maintenance on it. He told me that they just call someone when something happens, which really surprised me. I told them that a lot of air conditioning companies provide HVAC contracts in NYC, but he had never heard of that. I told him about the last company I worked at a few years ago. They had a HVAC tech come in once a month and check everything out. If anything was wrong with it, he was almost always able to fix it right there on the spot.

The advantage to that is that the air conditioning had never gone out while I worked there, which was for quite a long time. Since I had been at this current job, I had heard that the air went out three different times. On one of those occasions, they had to have the workers go home because they had to wait for a part to be ordered. That cost them two full working days of productivity, which is brutal. The manager I spoke with asked me to find out the company that had provided the HVAC contracts, which was easy enough to find out online.

Air Repair is the company, and they offer great deals on contracts that they allow businesses to customize for their own needs. It wasn’t surprising when the company I was working for signed up for one of these contracts. We now have a tech come every other month, and he checks out the units in all of the buildings here. If a filter or belt does need to be replaced, he does it that same day. He also inspects things like the condensate line and the fans, which means he is going to be able to fix anything before it breaks!