It Worked on My Skin

I’m someone who spent most of their youth outside in the hot sun. That’s why I’m now looking at the co2 laser procedure. Those days of fun in the sun were a long time ago, back in the 1980s and 1990s when I was young and lived in places like Arizona and Nevada. Flash forward to now and I’m hitting fifty and my skin does not look good. It looks extremely damaged and definitely needs something so I can get that healthy glow again, if that is possible. A friend said the co2 laser might be an option.

Doing research online turned up lots of answers and lots of testimonials about how great this procedure is and how it will work for you. It’s fairly involved if you’re doing your whole face and, frankly, some of the videos and pictures scared me. It looked like people dunked their faces in boiling hot water. Their faces looked like the worst sunburn you’d ever seen. Some had scaly stuff on their faces as well. It scared me, but further investigation revealed that’s the early part of the recovery process. Once their faces healed, they looked marvelous. They looked far better than you would have thought possible.

So with bated breath, I dove in and made an appointment at a clinic known for performing this procedure. The things I had to do beforehand were fairly extensive and the stuff you have to do after is as well. The procedure went well and didn’t hurt, which was a plus, but looking in the mirror made my heart sink. Only for awhile, however, as once the healing set in I coudn’t believe how great my skin was bouncing back. It was truly a miracle. They always said take care of your skin because it will age rapidly. That’s true but now there is a solution.