Electrician in Passaic County for Home Inspection

I want to have my home inspected by an electrician because there have been some weird things happening with the electricity recently and I do not know what is going on. I guess they could all be freak occurrences and not related to anything that is systemically out of the ordinary with the wiring in the house. But I kind of doubt that. So I am going to hire an electrician for electrical services in Passaic County NJ and in particular I am going to need to have the wiring in the house inspected.

The weirdest thing that has happened with the electricity is this instance when I went into my bathroom, and turned on the light switch. Immediately after flipping the switch, one of the bulbs for the vanity lights above the sink shot out of its socket, and hit me in the shoulder. It was very startling and I just stood there dumbfounded for a good minute or two. Luckily the bulb didn’t break after it bounced off my shoulder and fell the floor. But anyway, the end of the bulb, the metal part that actually screws into the socket was left behind and only the glass part of the bulb shot out.

I have no idea why that would happen, but I guess the fact that only the glass came out of the metal piece, would make it possible that there was some sort of engineering defect with the light bulb. I guess that could be the whole story, but there have been a lot of other things that have kind of weirded me out with the electricity in this house, so I definitely want to get it checked out, to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong with my house’s wiring or anything of that nature.