Who Can Shoot the Farthest

My friends always get me to enter the strangest contests. Believe it or not, there is an official contest to see who can ejaculate the farthest. The winner is then placed in the record books. My friends said that I should enter the contest. I thought they were joking, but thy were quite serious about it. They then said that if I entered, they would each give me $1,000, no matter if I won or lost. I enter the contest, but I had no idea how to beat the current record. One of my friends suggested using Semenax to get a bigger shot.

The rules of the contest stated that I could use any kind of dietary supplement to win the contest. The only things that were banned were physical items and any kind of injections. Continue reading Who Can Shoot the Farthest

We All Have Options in Life

I am heading toward 50 years old, and it was a downer to see how my body is slowing down. Gone are the days where I could feel good without having to change my eating habits or work out often. But that is part of life, and I am learning that I am lucky to be alive. If I have to do something to feel better, that is the way it needs to be. To illustrate, I was having a hard time in the bedroom with my wife until I bought some Prosolution Plus UK recently.

I did not share with my wife that I was having a tough time keeping up with her in our personal, intimate life. I did not want her to feel sorry for me, and truthfully, I was hoping that things would get better on their own. I guess I am one of those guys who hopes that if you ignore something, it will get better. But in this case, that did not happen. I was feeling a little depressed about it and sharing that with one of my friends. He gave me a playful slap on the back and told me to quit feeling sorry for myself. “You are a not a victim of life, and you do have choices,” he said.

It turns out that he was 100% correct. One of the options he told me about was the supplement that I mentioned above. He said that he has been taking it for the better part of a year, and it has solved his issues. I had no idea that these types of supplements actually work, and it was nice to get a real life review from someone that I know personally. After trying the myself, I am seeing the same great benefits that he did.

Living out a Full and Healthy Life

The quest for immortality has been one passed down the ages. Death, mankind’s greatest and oldest of enemies, has stood unyielding through the centuries despite valiant quests having been made inn the search for the elixir of life, the Tree of Life and Death and the Fountain Of Youth. It’s known by a hundred different names throughout the various cultures of man but as of yet it remains an elusive myth beyond our grasp. Perhaps that’s why we buy Genf20 and similar supplements; in the vain but very human hope that something out there will be the recipe that keeps our ailing bodies together.

Sane individuals have no hope for death. It’s something to hate. It’s something we can fight tooth and nail until it drags us kicking and screaming into the dark. We can take the steps now in this life to ensure that we don’t go into death fragile and sick. Continue reading Living out a Full and Healthy Life

Our Boss Likes to Give Us Gifts

I am the executive assistant to the CEO of our company. It is an amazing job mainly because it is a great company to work for. The CEO treats everyone here the same. The janitor gets the same level of respect that the vice president of operations gets, which is very rare nowadays. Because of this, turnaround is very low, and we are all thankful that we are part of something so wonderful. One of my jobs is to determine which Singapore corporate gifts to buy for everyone for our annual party at the end of the year.

My boss never wants me to just pick out something because it looks nice or is cheap. Part of my duty in this is to talk to people nonchalantly and find out what they like. My boss wants these gifts to be meaningful ones that will get used rather than something that gets given away to charity or tossed in the back of a drawer. Even if we have to order four or five different corporate gifts, he is okay with that, as long as everyone has something they truly like. Continue reading Our Boss Likes to Give Us Gifts

Outsourcing Corporate Secretary Services in Singapore

I am the vice president of operations of a corporation in Singapore, and we are currently looking to hire a new secretary for our corporate office. Our last secretary retired unexpectedly, and that has left a large hole in the operations of the corporate office. We are interested in hiring corporate secretarial services from a third party, and just outsourcing the position, as opposed to actually hiring someone for the job. We have a number of reasons for wanting to go this route, and from what has been assessed so far, it is probably going to be the best option for us.

Our last secretary has been with the company since it started, she was literally hired on day one, and so she had a wealth of knowledge about how to do her job, which cannot be replaced. There is not anyone in the company who really knows how to train someone to replace her, and therefore, I do not see any option, at least in the short term, but to outsource a secretary. We need to have someone come in who has a lot of experience, and will be able to learn about our company quickly, and adapt to the specific needs that we have for our secretary.

The operations here at the office have already begun to suffer since our previous secretary left, and so we have an immediate need to get a new secretary into the office, and hopefully clear up some of this confusion and headaches that have attended the departure of our last secretary. It would have been nice if our previous secretary had trained a replacement before retiring, but it is my understanding that she retired suddenly on account of some health issues, and so I can understand why she did not train a replacement.

It Worked on My Skin

I’m someone who spent most of their youth outside in the hot sun. That’s why I’m now looking at the co2 laser procedure. Those days of fun in the sun were a long time ago, back in the 1980s and 1990s when I was young and lived in places like Arizona and Nevada. Flash forward to now and I’m hitting fifty and my skin does not look good. It looks extremely damaged and definitely needs something so I can get that healthy glow again, if that is possible. A friend said the co2 laser might be an option.

Doing research online turned up lots of answers and lots of testimonials about how great this procedure is and how it will work for you. It’s fairly involved if you’re doing your whole face and, frankly, some of the videos and pictures scared me. It looked like people dunked their faces in boiling hot water. Continue reading It Worked on My Skin

Spreading the Gift of Energy Savings

I couldn’t be more happier than I am now that I switched over to TXU Energy a few months ago. I was having a hard time paying my energy bill because the rates were too high, but once I went to TXU, things became much easier. In fact, I was actually saving money on my bills. In the months since the switch, I acquired quite a bit of money that would have otherwise gone to paying off my energy bills. The best idea I could think of to use that money was to provide my family with great presents.

Everyone had something that was on their mind as a great gift. My mother had been eyeing a ring at the mall every time she passes by a specific store. Continue reading Spreading the Gift of Energy Savings

My Boss Wanted an HVAC Contract

When the air conditioning unit in our main building started slowing down, I asked one of the managers who handled the maintenance on it. He told me that they just call someone when something happens, which really surprised me. I told them that a lot of air conditioning companies provide HVAC contracts in NYC, but he had never heard of that. I told him about the last company I worked at a few years ago. They had a HVAC tech come in once a month and check everything out. If anything was wrong with it, he was almost always able to fix it right there on the spot.

The advantage to that is that the air conditioning had never gone out while I worked there, which was for quite a long time. Since I had been at this current job, I had heard that the air went out three different times. On one of those occasions, they had to have the workers go home because they had to wait for a part to be ordered. That cost them two full working days of productivity, which is brutal. Continue reading My Boss Wanted an HVAC Contract

Electrician in Passaic County for Home Inspection

I want to have my home inspected by an electrician because there have been some weird things happening with the electricity recently and I do not know what is going on. I guess they could all be freak occurrences and not related to anything that is systemically out of the ordinary with the wiring in the house. But I kind of doubt that. So I am going to hire an electrician for electrical services in Passaic County NJ and in particular I am going to need to have the wiring in the house inspected.

The weirdest thing that has happened with the electricity is this instance when I went into my bathroom, and turned on the light switch. Immediately after flipping the switch, one of the bulbs for the vanity lights above the sink shot out of its socket, and hit me in the shoulder. Continue reading Electrician in Passaic County for Home Inspection

Broadening My Horizons Listening to Indonesian Music

I have an Indonesian friend. He is starting to speak English very well. He learned most of it before he came here. He likes the music from his country, but he is starting to like a lot of American music as well. He goes to a site called Bursalagu to hear different music from both countries. He has given me a ride to work many times. He jams out to music from his country. He has Mp3s on his phone and plays them through his car stereo. We both work at the same manufacturing plant. He said he learned a lot of English by watching American television. I had heard of other people doing that as well. Continue reading Broadening My Horizons Listening to Indonesian Music

NYC scaled to commute time, part 2

What would New York City look like if the distance between places was actually the time it takes to get between them in rush hour?

by Zachary Nichols

This is part 2 of the post on rescaling NYC based on transit time. Part 1 is here.

Last time, I showed some maps of New York where I replaced normal distance with the time it takes to get between places on MTA. Here’s a video of the transformation from normal to time-scaled and back again:

I also mentioned last time that I would take a shot at doing a Manhattan-only version. Just as a note, this won’t look just like a bigger version of the deflated Manhattan balloon in the full map. That’s because the scaling algorithm I used (multi-dimensional scaling) is trying to take all the distances into account that it sees in order to put them into a 2D map that makes sense. Of course, the distances I give it don’t really fit into a 2D world, and the projection chosen can be very different when I use only part of the map.

Here’s (boring old) Manhattan:


And here’s Manhattan rescaled for MTA travel time. It’s not as interesting as the full map, but we can see some of the obvious features: getting across town above 60th St. or so is a huge pain, and getting acrosstown in general is a slower prospect than going North/South.


It is a little bit notable that the Manhattan-only version is not as dramatically scaled as Manhattan is in the full map. It suggests maybe the reason Manhattan was as squished as it was is that the transit time in the outer boroughs is comparatively much longer.

Anyway, in case anyone is interested, here is the nitty gritty behind how I made these maps. First, to calculate the MDS rescaling, the first thing I need is a set of points and the distances between them.

To get these points efficiently, I used a bit of a shortcut. I made a hexagonal lattice covering NYC (including some of Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, and a lot of water). To find out which lattice points were actually in the city, used google’s maps api to probe the geographic information of the point. After eliminating everything not actually in the city, I was left with these 800 or so points (colored by neighborhood):


The next step of course was to find the time it takes to get between them via MTA. Ideally, I would just use google maps’ distance matrix to get the whole calculation at once. Alas, the rights restrictions on public transit data prohibits google from allowing them to give distance matrix calculations on transit times (they do allow such calculations for roads etc.).

At this point I had a bit of a decision to make. I could be a total jerk and try to get the travel times between all the points from google maps anyway with a screen scraper or something like that, but it turns out there’s a much better solution. Since MTA is kind enough to publish their transit data, I had the opportunity to (with a little bit of work) use Open Trip Planner to set up a local server that allows me to get the transit times via a REST api. So I could still spam and spam to get travel times, but it would be on my local machine rather than someone else’s server.

After filling in a matrix with travel times, I was forced to fire up Matlab (which has a very easy-to-useimplementation of multi-dimensional scaling). Getting the results of this rescaling (and matching them up to the original latitude / longitude with a call to procrustes), I get a point-wise remapping of the lattice.


Here is the original lattice with arrows pointing to where the rescaling puts them.

Finally, I used Quantum GIS to make some annotated maps of NYC, and skewed them in Python according to the remapping. Since not every point in the map was in the lattice, I used a weighted average to interpolate between the lattice points, and allow me to make the final maps.

Of course, this is meant only as an interesting exercise, but these types of maps do have applications. A lot of what real GIS people do is planning — planning new roads, planning where to put hospitals and fire stations, etc. Knowing how long it takes to get between places can be very critical when placing a fire station for example: you really want to minimize response and travel time for as many places as you can. Having this type of map can help with visualizing where you should position your emergency services to get even coverage, the same way a map like this might help a New Yorker decide where to look for an apartment that’s convenient for work and play.