Broadening My Horizons Listening to Indonesian Music

I have an Indonesian friend. He is starting to speak English very well. He learned most of it before he came here. He likes the music from his country, but he is starting to like a lot of American music as well. He goes to a site called Bursalagu to hear different music from both countries. He has given me a ride to work many times. He jams out to music from his country. He has Mp3s on his phone and plays them through his car stereo. We both work at the same manufacturing plant. He said he learned a lot of English by watching American television. I had heard of other people doing that as well.

Music is sort of universal. I hear tones of pop, hip hop, rap, rock, country and other genres in the music from his country that he listens to on the way to and from work. I cannot understand a word they are saying, but I can at least appreciate the rhythms and harmonies. When I listen to some of his country’s versions of hip hop music, I can hear the standard rhythms of the music we have hear with a flavor of his native culture thrown in. I kind of isolate the music from the vocals while I am listening to it. It is easy when you do not understand the language.

He has started to teach me some of his language. The other day I picked up a few words in the songs we were listening too. We do not have Indonesian TV for me to watch, and I probably could not get interested in it anyway. Otherwise, I might be able to pick up on the language faster. He said he watched American Soap Operas to learn English. I could not stand to watch American ones or Indonesian ones. The music is tough enough.